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Property Values

The value that is registered on the property assessment rolls is based on the concept of market value. It is the municipal assessor who assesses the value of each property within the territory of the MRC. The appraiser is a member of the OEAQ. The Quebec property assessment rolls are subject to the LFM, so all underlying principles and all documents are uniform.

The values in the assessment rolls based on the analysis of the local realty market. Indeed, the appraiser looks for real estate market trends in order to assess the price of each type of property, in different areas of the municipality. For example, waterfront properties do not have the same values as those of a village or those located on agricultural land, or on commercial and industrial land. The result of the evaluation work is the real value of the property which is subsequently submitted to each owner via the municipal tax account.

Assessment and taxes are two very different entities. The value entered on the assessment roll serves primarily to identify the tax portion your property represents within the overall evaluation of the municipality. The calculated portion of municipal tax is established by the overall budget which is prepared by the town council. This is the total budget that sets the amount of individual fees payable for each property.

Let us say the assessment rolls are prepared and / or revised every three years. Indeed, the assessment of your property is established from a specific date and it remains fixed for the triennial period, unless a major change such as a real estate transaction and / or a construction permit was issued.

The assessor also has the responsibility to check and analyze all the requests of property assessment revisions. These requests are sent to the attention of the evaluation service, of the MRC. It is evident a process has to be followed when filing a request for review and the MRC’s service staff is at the service of the taxpayer.

The ultimate goal of the assessment service is to create assessment rolls that are consistent with local realities and to ensure that these documents serve as accurate tax sharing tools for our municipalities.

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  • Fill this form to revise the assessment roll (Form >>)
  • Send your completed form to the assessment service, accompanied by a certified check or money order to the required amount.
Value based on the assessment roll Fee*
Less than $100 000 $40
Equal or more than $100 000 and less than $250 000 $60
Equal or more than $250 000 and less than $500 000 $75
Equal or more than $500 000 and less than $1 000 000 $150
Equal or more than $1 000 000 and less than $2 000 000 $300
Equal or more than $2 000 000 and less than $5 000 000 $500
Equal or more than $5 000 000 $1000
* By-law # 97-103

By mail :
MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau
7, rue de la Polyvalente
Gracefield (Québec)  J0X 1W0

In person :
Between 8 am and 12 noon or 1 pm to 4 pm
Assessment service


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