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Management of unorganized territories (TNO)

Under the Code Municipal du Québec et de la Loi sur l’organisation territoriale, the MRC acts as a municipality for non-municipal territories under its jurisdiction. The modest budget of these Territoires non organisés (TNO) de la MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau reflects a low level of services yet a minimum requirement of a territorial control and legal obligations remain.

As an alternate director, the MRC Council played a fairly modest role with the TNOs. More recently, however, some significant shifts occurred in the administration of these territories, including the delegation of private vacation leases on public land and, the agreement for the management of sand and gravel pits.

Their strategic role in recreo-tourism matters is evident with the new rise of popularity of La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve and the network of outfitter institutions.

Recreao-tourism development

The development of tourism, in the TNO portion accessible by the Lépine-Clova road has always been precarious because of the “forestry” status of that path. There were recurring threats of partial or total closure of this access to 31 outfitting establishments with more than 250 accommodation units, and nearly 300 cabins or hunting and fishing camps.

The MRC Council initiated the establishment of the Regroupement des utilisateurs du chemin Lépine-Clova inc. . A non-profit coalition dedicated to the development of tourism served by this road. Then the Council adopted a regulation subjecting the owners of these buildings to contribute financially to the operating grant for this organization. The Zec (Bras-Coupé-Desert and Pontiac and the Société d’établissements de plein air du Québec (SÉPAQ-Réserve faunique La Vérendrye) are important partners in economic development and the enhancement of the territory for recreational and tourism purposes.

Assessment and Land Inventory

Property values entered on the TNO roll totaled $ 25 millions. Despite the significant costs associated with the remoteness and special means employed, tax fairness is achieved.

Planning and Environment

The actual monitoring of the urban planning regulations in these territories by the planning service already has beneficial effects by demonstrating more respect for the environment. Septic systems, for example, are now actually subject to the standard rules. The shores and coastlines are also being monitored on a regular basis.

For license application or information regarding the TNOs, you can contact the designated officer, Mr. Robert Baillargeon at 819-463-3241 ext. 251 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sanitary Installations

Vested Right

In a matter of environmental nuisances and causes of insalubrity, the vested right is not taken for granted. In this way, the court established that the vested right does not permit to create or maintain nuisance or hazardous situation for public health and quality of environment. Finally, the vested right concerns only the building itself but not its polluting activity.

Minimum fine: $1000 plus $278 of fees

Important Reminder

The MRC is looking forward to plan well the management of his territory and protect the environment.  If you plan to build, repair, improve don’t forget to apply for your permit for any kind of building, home improvement, repair,  septic system, dock, any work in the water front and finally demolition.

Ew are able to answer your questions and sending you application forms for your project. Give us a call and don’t forget your permits to avoid any sanction.

Here how to reach us

MRC de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau
Service de l’Aménagement
-  Territoires non organisés
186, rue King  -  Suite 104
Maniwaki (Québec)   J9E 3N6
Phone (819) 449-3242 poste 251



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