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Revision of Land Use Planning Plan

Documents relating to the revision process of land use planning and development are available on the MRC website


August 18, 2015, the MRCVG’s Council adopted its first development plan project as well as the revised development plan (PSADR). This adoption was the first step in a long legislative process (Loi sur l’aménagement et l’urbanisme) prior to the commencement of the development plan and revised development plan of the MRC. (Document"Étapier de révision du SAD").

Following various requests to this effect, the Council of the MRC, as well as general management took the decision to publish this first project, despite the fact it was not submitted for public consultation, at this point.

The documents presented at this stage ("First Draft") are therefore subject to consultation with local municipalities of the MRC who can provide a formal board resolution. The same applies to neighboring MRCs and school boards. The minister of Affaires municipales et de l’Occupation du territoire, and the departments involved in the planning and development of the territory, should express their views in regards to this first project based on government policies. The rules surrounding this consultation process are provided for in article 56.3 and onwards of the, Loi sur l’aménagement et l’urbanisme (LAU).

A second project will be subsequently adopted by the MRC’s Council following consultations with local municipalities, the minister and partners, will be adopted by the MRC. It is on this second project Projet de schéma d’améagement révisé (PSADR) that taxpayers will have the opportunity to express their views at the public consultation meetings conducted on the territory of the MRC held specifically for this purpose. Note that the consultations will be on a second project. On a document that definitely will differ greatly from the first draft adopted on August 18 because of changes made following the opinions of the local municipalities, the minister and partners.

The documents relating to the first project are distributed for information only. No public consultation is foreseen at this stage according to the LAU. Should you want to submit a comment there, you are welcome to do so via your local municipality since only they, at this time, may offer advice to the MRC.

Public consultation dates will be determined and published following the adoption of the second draft of the PSADR. The process is subject to numerous stages and the MRC must wait until all stages of the first project are complete before they can propose the second project.

For more information, we refer you to the following documents; Explications sur la révision du SAD, and Étapier de révision du SAD, in which all stages of the adopted development plan and the revised development plan, of the MRC, are explained.
All questions related to these documents will be presented at public consultation meetings which will be announced following the adoption of the second draft (revised plan), which, as we said, will differ from the first project that is circulated for information only. Until then, we invite you to contact the local municipality concerned.

Download links of the main documents of the first revised draft scheme:

Note: To consult maps included in the Projet de schéma d’aménagement révisé, please send an email to Mr. François Loiselle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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