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Sand and Gravel Pits Management on public lands 


The sand and gravel operators may request a lease or a mining authorization from the MRC-de- La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau.

The powers and responsibilities that will be granted to the MRC regarding sand and gravel operations are:

  • The granting, renewal, revocation and registration in the mining, real estate and rights of extraction authorizations, sand and gravel leases, as well as obtaining authorization certificates for the application of Article 22 of the “Loi sur la qualité de l’environnement”;
  • Inspection and control of the utilization of these substances;
  • Collecting rents and royalties;
  • Restoration of sand and gravel pits.

Management of “Non-Exclusive Leases” (Baux Non Exclusifs :BNE)

As part of this authorization, only the exploitation of sand and gravel, found on the lands of the State, can be accepted as a BNE. However, the MERN continues to exercise the powers and responsibilities of the management of the exploitation of sand and gravel found on private land, assigned or alienated by the State after 1 January, 1966.

Statements and Management Fees

The control carried out by the MRC applies to all mining titles and all leases without authorized permission granted by the MRC or the MERN for the exploitation of sand and gravel on public land of the province (BEX, BNE, ASB). It focuses on two key elements, namely the extraction and disposal of sand and gravel reports, and fees related thereto.

From the time the mining title is issued, the tenant is obliged to maintain a detailed log of all operations and conserve all documents concerning the transport of extracted substances. It is thus required to transmit, on specific dates determined by regulation, a report that indicates the quantity of the sand and gravel extracted, and also to pay his dues, if applicable.

The extraction of sand and gravel report referred to in section 155 of the Mining Act must be submitted to the MRC four times a year or once a quarter. This report must be accompanied by the fee prescribed.

Statements Calendar

Deadline for submission

Period covered

Period interval


July 15

Period A

April 1 to june 30

Period A statement

October 15

Period B

July 1 to September 30

Period B statement

January 15

Period C

October 1 to December 31

Period C statement

April 15

Period D

January 1 to March 31

2016-2017 annual statement


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