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festival arts scene damourSpectacle de France d'Amour présenté en mars 2016 par le Festival des arts de la scène val-gatinois, en collaboration avec la Maison de la culture de la Vallée-de-la-Gatineau. Photo copyright Sébastien McNeil.

Cultural Development

Culture has become an important part of the citizen’s quality of life along with the development of cultural tourism as well as a major stimulus for local economic development. The MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau has thus adopted a cultural policy establishing guidelines it intends to implant on its territory in the upcoming years.

Thus, the MRC recognizes the fundamental contribution of culture as a source of cultural well-being, fulfillment, common identification and collective pride.

By establishing its cultural policy, the MRC has discovered an important tool that allows it to find its place and consolidate the role of culture in regional development.

Call for project proposals in culture

In order to support local cultural development initiatives, the MRC de La-Vallée-de-la-Gatineau is launching a call for project proposals in connection with the MRC’s CULTURAL POLICY. The amounts granted under this initiative will be supporting individual projects.


Entente de développement culturel (DEC) (Cultural Development Agreement)

Signature of an EDC with the ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Quèbec, and  the MRC de la Vallé-de-la-Gatineau signifies , the latter, is committed to :

• Support access to arts and culture initiatives;
• Cultivate the sense of belonging among the citizens of the MRC;
• Promote the development of a cultural identity in the region;
• Provide support to various stakeholders in the cultural world.

This agreement was made possible through the partnership support program of the Ministère de la Culture and Communications of Quebec (MCC) that permits the MRC to have at its disposal, a total of $ 40,000, for the next fiscal year (2016-2017). Of this amount, dedicated to the realization of cultural and heritage projects throughout the region, the MCC granted $20,000 and the MRCVG contributed another $ 20,000.

Project calls will be launched during 2016.

Most projects from the past years were funded by the cultural development action plan or stemmed from interventions and cultural policies.

To name some:
• The annual event Igloofest / U-Fest - Local Music Festival, which showcases local artists and was organized in collaboration with Complicité Employment, la Table Jeunesse Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, l’hôtel Chez Martineau and Studio Vesprées;
• Coordinating a range of activities offered during Culture Days;
• Offer free training to artists and the population of the MRC;
• Two calls for projects: one under the development and recognition of the creators of the environment  theme and the other on the heritage development theme which are open to municipalities and non-profit organizations;
• Streaming of activities and cultural events, held in the territory.

Conseil des Arts et Lettre du Québec (CALQ)

The CALQ, the city of Gatineau, the  MRC des Collines, the MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, the MRC Papineau and the MRC  Pontiac agree on the importance of supporting and strengthening artistic creation and broadcasting it throughout  the Outaouais region.

They had the will to implement measures to improve and enhance dialogue and actions promoting the development of arts and letters throughout the Outaouais region.

An agreement was signed to officially establish the "Programme pour les arts et lettres de l’ Outaouais 2015-2018". It consists of:

• Component 1 - Support to artists and professional writers
• Component 2 - Support for professional arts organizations
• Part 3-A - Support for mobility - international residence
• Section 3-B - Support for mobility - regional residence
• Component 4 - Support  promotion   

These funds are intended for professional artists and writers as well as professional organizations. Description of terms will be available when the project calls open.

The program objectives are:

  • Stimulating artistic and literary creation throughout the Outaouais territory;
  • Contribute to artistic development, encourage  and publicize artists and writers of all generations and backgrounds, and motivate them to remain in their locality;
  • Encourage professional artistic organizations for the development and influence of the arts and letters, on their territory and outside their region;
  • Encourage the circulation of artists and  the movement of their works throughout the province of Quebec;
  • Encourage the emergence and development of digital technologies in the artistic and literary fields.

The next call for projects will be launched in October 2016. Consult our Facebook page, our website or on the website of Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec. 

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