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Intra-municipal Public Lands

Les terres publiques intramunicipales (TPI) are territories that belong to the Quebec government. Since the 8th, of March 2002, the MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau is the administrator of approximately 140 square kilometers of TPIs under a land management agreement signed with the Ministère des Ressources naturelles.

The five-year renewable mandate grants powers and responsibilities to the MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau in planning, management and, land and forest regulations. Since 2011, TPI service is ISO 14001 certified which means that the service respects to a greater extent the applicable laws and regulations, constantly improving management and, TPI is committed to an independent body to prevent pollution. The main purpose of the service is to stimulate economic activity in the region through the development of TPIs.

Forest Management
The MRC of La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau manages and permits the annual cutting of about 20, 000 cubic meters of forest. The forest engineer annually prepares a Plan annuel d’intervention forestière (PAIF) in accordance with the multi-resource management plan for TPIs and its Plan quinquennal d’aménagement forestier (PQAF). The PAIF describes silvicultural prescriptions that the MRC intends to achieve in the upcoming year.

The forest engineer is responsible for TPI service and may be reached at: 819-463-3241, ext. 232.

Land Rights
The Land Management technician is responsible for everything that involves land, either for the sale of public land, renting vacation sites, renting for commercial purposes, the granting of passage rights, construction of hiking trails, and settlement supplements or any other type of issues affecting land use. Moreover, occupation without tenure is also the responsibility of the technician along with the engineer.

To reach the regional planning technician, call 819-463-3241 ext. 244.

Forestry Operations
Experienced loggers conduct the forestry operations. Since November 2003, the MRC awarded twenty-seven contracts to twenty different contractors. Their performances in the field were closely supervised by the MRC’s forestry technician who ensures compliance with the regulations regarding standards, the contract and respect of our ISO 14001 certification. Illegal logging files on TPIs are under the control of the forestry technician, together with the engineer.

To reach the forestry technician, call 819-463-3241 ext.  242.

Multi-resource Committee
The 14 member committee meets monthly to oversee the functioning of the TPI services and to submit recommendations to the MRC’s council on how to correct the situation. Multi-resource committee members are:

  • The MRC Board (five members, including the warden;
  • A representative from the Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et des pêcheurs;
  • A tourism sector representative;
  • A representative of the development sector;
  • A representative of the forest industry;
  • An accredited representative of forestry advisers from the Agence de mise en valeur des forêts privées;
  • A representative from the Environment sector
  • A representative from  the Office des Producteurs de bois de la Gatineau;
  • A representative of the agroforestry sector.

2014-2015 Activity Report
For the year ending March 31, 2015, TPI service administered the forest management of 193 hectares that generated approximately 24,000 cubic meters of wood. Following public tender, four different companies were each entrusted with a different sector.  In addition, a section was managed in collaboration with the Centre de formation professionnelle de Mont-Laurier. Hence, the TPI service directly contributed to the formation of specialized labor in the forestry industry. A cutting area was also developed by the Kitigan Zibi community.

In regards to the land issue, several files were worked on simultaneously, by the management technician that enabled her to successfully close 21 files. The cases vary from resort land sales to authorizations for road construction, and everything related to the land fund must go through the TPI service.  As a final point, twelve vacation leases managed by the MRC are active on TPIs.

In 2014-2015, our Environmental and forest management system was audited by SAI Global Company with an excellent result. We are continuing our development of sustainable and environmentally maintaining our ISO 14001 certification.

Upcoming Events
During the next year, in addition to the activities described above, the TPI service will update its integrated development plan (Multi-resource Management Plan) since it dates back to 2003. In addition, the TPI service will also have to prepare a five year forest management plan for 2015-2020. Particular emphasis will be placed on the multi-resources component in 2015-2016, since the development of our region also experiences innovative projects in the forest domain. If you are interest in the multi-resource component (maple, non-timber forest plant, wild mushrooms, etc.), please contact the engineering service at 819-463-3241 ext. 232.


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