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General Administration

Like any public or private enterprise, the MRC has a dedicated staff that sees to the general administration of operations and supervisions all its services.

The responsibilities of this department, increased over the years, in accordance with the augmentation of responsibilities assigned to the MRC.

The general administration of the MRC consists of the Registry Service, the Financial Department, Human Resources Department and Material Resources Department. 

Director General

The director general not only organizes activities but also plans, coordinates, monitors and evaluates all other activities and services, of the MRC.

The director also ensures communication between the board and staff members to warrant the implementation of decisions taken by the elected officials. The director coordinates, in collaboration with the registry service, board meetings and presents files to the board along with the prefect.

In addition, as a partner in economic and social activity, the director general participates in various committees of the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau.

Registry Service

The clerk is responsible for the preparation of committees and council meetings, and attends board meetings and draws up the minutes.

The Registry Service is responsible for the preservation of all official documents of the MRC and is the custodian of its books, records, archives and all other documents held by our organization.

The registry service oversees the bidding process and the publication of the public notices of the MRC.

Access to Document

Access to documents is vested in the Registry Service.

Requests for access to a document under the Loi sur l’accès aux documents des organismes publics et sur la protection de renseignements personnel (la Loi). (An Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies & the protection of personal information)

It is important to distinguish between a request for access to a document and a request for information regarding a document. Subject to certain restrictions under the Act, only the first one provides the requested document and not an explanation of its contents.

To obtain information on the content, all questions should be directed to the concerned municipal service.Some restrictions may limit access to municipal documents.

Access to a document may be partial. That is, some extracts of the document could be concealed. 

According to the Act, the employee responsible for “access to information” must provide a written acknowledgement of receipt to an individual who sends in a written request for access to a document. A response is usually received within 20 calendar days. However, this period may be extended in certain circumstances.

Access to documents is free and this means consultation “on site” only, with an appointment. However, transcription costs, transmission or reproduction may be requested.

Financial Resouces, Human Resources and Materiel Resources

The reception staff, the secretarial staff, the accounting department, the administrative management of Human Resources department, and the management of Material Resources are the responsibility of the above Resources as well as the management of unorganized territories (TNO).

The Budgets

Financial Reports

Our Team

Access to Information Application Form

Every individual who wishes to file for access to a document must make a request in writing using the form below and return it to the following email address: : vdenis@mrcvg.qc.ca.


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